Borrego & Bendel is excited to be collaborating with Intel to revolutionize the future of traffic management.

The Future of Smart Mobility

Borrego & Bendel Corporation


Borrego & Bendel
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Borrego & Bendel
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Borrego & Bendel - Winning Finalist
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Borrego & Bendel

Borrego & Bendel Corporation is a multi-internationally award-winning smart mobility startup that is creating the world's first all-in-one customizable traffic management solution to save global lives, time, and money, and create accurate data to shape the future of transportation.

Our flagship product, ATLAS (Advanced Traffic Light Automation System), consists of 23+ hardware and software capabilities ranging from advanced emergency responder preemption, traffic flow optimization, customizable toll roads, and real-time organized data analytics. The best part is, this is just scratching the surface!


All In One Revolutionary Solution

Road Safety

Traffic Efficiency

High Cost

Inaccurate Data


Our Key Advantages

We have discovered major pitfalls in today’s traffic management technologies ranging from delayed emergency response times to inaccurate data collection that cause major safety, cost, and efficiency challenges verified by experienced traffic engineers.

B&B offers an all-in-one solution to these and other traffic management issues at a globally affordable price.

Instant Public Message Display

  • Instant Public Information Dissemination
  • Fully Customizable Messaging
  • Emergency Weather Warning Notification
  • Evacuation Assistance
  • Road Safety Public Reminders
  • Increased Amber Alert Awareness

Emergency Response Software

  • Instant Crash Detection
  • Increased Emergency Responder Preparation
  • Decreased Emergency Response Times
  • Improved Emergency Responder Safety
  • Increased Car Crash Survival Rates
  • Auditory & Visual Impairment Assistance

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Nick Borrego

Nick Borrego

CEO & Founder

My life mission is to save lives, time, money and produce the accurate data to shape the future of transportation, technology, and humanity.

Téa Phillips

Téa Phillips

CTO & Co-Founder

Award-winning engineer, innovator, and leader dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact across the globe through technological advancements.

Randy Ridenour

Randy Ridenour

Chairman of the Board

A Senior Level Executive Board Certified, experienced in P&L and Consultative Selling in SAP ERP, CRM, S/4 Hana, SAP Leonardo, SCM (EWM), and Cloud Technology / professional services.